Temporary Financial Assistance

TFA is specifically designed to assist minor children of eligible veterans through cash grants, which contribute to a stable home enviornment. These grants help families meet the costs of shelter, utilities, food and medical expenses.

Through TFA, a post can call upon the national organization for cash assistance to help maintain the basic needs of veterans' children. Non-repayable grants are awarded to eligible families with a child in need when all other available resources have been exhausted.

It is no secret that far too many military veterans and their families struggle to get by.
This is especially true after coming home from deployment, after having been
discharged from duty, or if they have been severely injured.


Children & Youth Chairman

(860) 930-5509

Dept. Adjutant

(860) 436-9986

TFA Application


At The American Legion, Department of Connecticut, our agency works to help alleviate problems surrounding
housing and living, as well as offers personal counseling services. It is our calling to help those that
gave so much of themselves so that they may regain control of their lives.