Our mission in The American Legion is not only to recruit members into the largest Wartime Veteran's Organization in the world, but too also train them once they become a member. Our goal is teach every new member about who we are as an organization, what we do as an organization and who benefits from what we do as an organization.

We have developed three different levels of training for your convenience:




We hope that you will take the time to take a look at what we have to offer and hopefully you find something that will benefit you and your Post, because a well informed Legionnaire is not only an asset to their Post but also their local community.

We have developed this section to teach and train all members of The American Legion, as we recognize that everyone regardless of how long you have been a member needs training. It could be initial training or just a refresher to refresh your memory.

We have also set up a link to the National website for anyone who would like to take the "Basic Training Course" which is free to all Legion Family Members.