The National Americanism Commission began its administration of the "Veteran of the Month" program following the adoption of a resolution submitted by The American Legion Department of Connecticut to the 1993 National Convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The program was already a successful operation in the Department of Connecticut. The very first "Veteran of the Month" program as bescribed in this booklet was started by Legionnaires Arthur Shaw and Francis Fabbri of Tyler-Seward-Kubish American Legion Post 44 Bantam, Conecticut. Most of the information found in this instructional guide came from the Post 44 guidebook as authored by Legionnaire and Past Department Commander Arthur G. St. John, also of Post 44. Tyler-Seward-Kubish Post 44 and PDC St. John received a George Washington Honor Medal from the well known Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge in December of 1992 "In recognition of their efforts t create an All Wars Memorial and the Veteran of the Month Program." Post 44 offered their first Saturday of each month" ever since. The National Americanism Commission is proud to have the opportunity to carry out the traditions as started by Tyler-Seward-Kubish American Legion Post 44 of Bantam, Connecticut.

American Legion Post 44

P.O. Box 441

Bantam, CT. 06750